The dish that puts the fear of God into chefs in the kitchen.

I think I'll give it go as soon as I have a proper kitchen to work with!

Chocolate Souffle

O night divine!

There's something about that song that is just so majestic! Especially when it's sung by Il Divo. haha!
Do check it out on my Facebook profile! Love it.

This college's term has been epic! New friends, new adventures, new insights, new rewards. It's all amazing. My life is just getting better and better... and better... and better!

"... For I know the DREAMS I have for YOU, declares the Lord.. " Jeremiah 11:13

... How can it not?

Speaking about dreams, I got to talk to a good kawan of mine, Renee Beh about dreams. She's one funny gal! Recently joined Amway and comes to college tired at times because she couldn't sleep just thinking about the great plans and ideas that lies ahead of her! haha! She's a real life Amway Zombie. Very much excited for her as well seeing the immense enthusiasm and excitement brewing in her life to be rich and successful and I believe she's gonna do fantastic. I mean rarely you get to meet these kind of people who have that kind of passion for life and successes and I tell you, it's definitely a good break from encountering the opposite people all the time. Haha! she's on her way. Believe in you pal.

I'm excited for CHRISTMAS! Gonna end this year with a BANG. You wait 2011. *grins*

Say M-I-L-K!!


-Lao Cow sends it's greetings.

Going there!

Carecell has been quite an adventure so far! Much to learn, much to improve on, much to expect but I WILL get there! At the meantime, live, laugh, learn learn learn!

God, let's do this! Use me, make me, mold me, shape me. I will go!

Well, no one said it's gonna be easy. Haha! But I'm determined, I'm gonna win. God will see to it that I will!

Pictures of THE night!

Some of the pictures of the night! Stole a lot if not ALL of them from the people I've made friends with
on Facebook! Hahaha! Sorry guys! I didn't bring my camera! That's why!

Wilson sharing his thoughts and ideas to the PM! What a privilege!

Some of the awesome people I met from the dinner!

Chat Chat Chat!

The food of the night. Good stuff!

PM and his officials(?)

Freebie from the PM!

Even the PM gives Goodie Bags! Haha! Contains the book and a golden rimmed mug with a portrait of the PM and his wife imprinted on it! No joke!

What a night!

HistoryMaker's Night

HELLO!!!! I'm back from the Buka Puasa dinner with the PM and I've got 3 words...


It's a whole different atmosphere altogether! Imagine putting a whole bunch of young aspiring entrepreneurs, solution makers, business people and influential people in one table, you'll not leave the table uninspired or unchanged! I'm talking about people who would sit and talk to each other about solutions and business projects to benefit the society, achievements and ideas that could shape the tomorrow of our society! WOW. I had my firsthand experience of it today and it was fantastic! Loved it!

It was more of a learning and discovering process for me as I continue to keep my ears open listening and understanding the ideas and experiences some of the already-in-the-field young entrepreneurs shared. I've nothing much to show YET but on the way back home, with a big confident smile, I knew that my plans and future in this line is marked with Greatness. This is it! I was there for a reason, I spoke to the people I spoke to for a reason and now it's gonna take off! It's coming my way! I AM MARKED! =) Have already got an idea to work on! Business partner anyone? Haha.

To those of you who are curious as to how I got to the dinner in the first place; it actually started with me researching here and there on the net on "Young Entrepreneurs Malaysia". And I stumble across this promo that gives out a privilege to be on the YEM's 500 super special list. I qualified! Haha. The next few days later I got an invitation e-mail from them to dine with the PM. Only 30 spots are available and whoever RSVP first will get it. Unfortunately, I didn't make it on time. The next day however, I sent my dad for a check up at the hospital and supposedly after that, we were suppose to head to Petaling Street to check the clothes. But he somehow forgot about it and happen to drive straight back home. I checked my mail, found out that in a few minutes time, they're gonna send an e-mail to give out 30 MORE spots to the fastest RSVP-er! I so happen to be there at that moment and sent it in just in time! And the next thing I know.. I'M IN!!

The place where the dinner was held wasn't as I and also A LOT of the other youths had expected! Haha!! We were actually expecting a large banquet hall indoor with air-conditioning and all. But we were brought to this HUGE decorated tent pitched next to a lake. It was pretty impressive! The weather was fine, the food was good and the service was top notch! Very classy! So it was worth the impromptu haircut and act of buying an oversized Batik Shirt after all. =P Even the PM knew we were expecting to dine in his hall and see where the Prime Minister lives! Haha!

Ahh, lots more to share but I better catch some sleep! Maybe when we get to have breakfast/lunch/dinner together yeah? Would love to share!

That's not even half of the whole group of Young Entrepreneurs present! haha!

P.S. I did get to see the PM! I got to stand right in front of him at his table. Haha! Also the youths were given the chance to talk to him for a few minutes on what they're doing. I've not got my chance yet. ;)

Dining with the President

I AM IN!!!!!

I happened to be there at the RIGHT place, at the RIGHT time WITH the Right GOD (haha).

Dining in with the Prime Minister of Malaysia tomorrow along with 60 other young entrepreneurs and Michael Teoh himself for Buka Puasa! Man what an experience it's gonna be! =)

It's all YOU, God, All YOU! Thank you!

Time to brush up my dining etiquettes, speech, hair(?). Hmm.. What to wear?... DOH!